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Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance is a non-profit making, non-sectarian and usefull link generic cialis sale non- political humanitarian organization that was created in 1987 by a team of educated and experienced Afghan volunteers.

The aims were to provide emergency aid for war victims in the field, to assist with the look there canadian drugs viagra rehabilitation of rural and urban life,and to work with communities for sustainable development in Afghanistan.

CHA has rethought on its vision, mission and strategies mid 2009 and has developed a five year Strategic Plan from 2010-2014. In the Strategic plan the mission and vision of the organization has clearly reflected.


Effective, reliable, inventive and pioneer organization in field of community development and reduction of vulnerability.


To empower individuals and communities in collaboration with social and cialis online sales'>cialis online sales civic institutions and private sectors.



Strategic Goals

  • Poverty and vulnerability reduction,

  • Fair distribution of resources,

  • Facilitate reliable social and economic development,

  • Ensure basic rights of the citizens,

The Strategies to Reach the Mission

First strategy: Development of health, nutrition and environmental health,

Second Strategy: Development of education, cultural affairs and vocational trainings,

Third strategy: Efforts for developing of agriculture, livestock restocking, water resources and natural resources,

Coordination and Membership

CHA has made effective efforts in the field of Coordination and networking with other institutions mentioned below:

 1- CHA is a member of ACBAR.

2- CHA is a board member of HRRAC (Human Rights Research & Advocacy Consortium)

3- CHA is the member of DRRC (Disaster Risk Reduction Consortium) and ADRRN.

4- Education consortium: SMO, ADA, CHA, AWEC, CoAR and MSPA are members of this consortium. The consortium is for implementation of educational programs in Afghanistan.


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